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  • Packages: 1/3/12-month subscription (39.95-239.40)
  • Special Features: Live Webcams, Groups and Adult Chatrooms, Sex Academy, Flirt, Send Gifts/Tip, Livestreaming
  • Premium Extras: You will never run out of something entertaining to do on the AdultFriendFinder website
  • Security & Privacy: AdultFriendFinder does its job of protecting its members from fraud
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If you’ve been looking for truthful AdultFriendFinder reviews, you just have found one! Believe it or not, there is a utopia filled with sex-driven, energetic, and adventurous people who are only flocking together for the purpose of finding someone to sleep with. The place is, one of the largest and most effective dating sites and remains relevant as of today. Right now, you should know that this website is NOT recommended for any serious relationship lasting for a long period of time unless you get matched with a fuck buddy, and your arrangement lasts longer than expected.

The crowd of mature people on AdultFriendFinder is a mixture of every type of person who needs to have sex at some point; in other words – everyone! From couple swingers, hookup buddies, MILFs, college girls, cougars – the list goes on and on for the kind of people you will meet here. That said, any man can totally score a lady or any partner he wishes to hook up with. Even the average-looking working men or the flimsy nerds can get laid through this website. Anyone can add flair and thrill to their personal life at AdultFriendFinder. Just remember: there’s no room for emotional attachment!

AdultFriendFinder Sign Up

AdultFriendFinder probably has one of the fastest and hassle-free registration processes. It doesn’t even take a minute to start having fun on the website. Besides basic information like your location, gender orientation, and email, the other notable details they will ask are only your partner preferences and personal introduction. There is also an option to share something more personal, like a quirky trait you have or even your sexual fantasies. And if you need some help composing something for this area, they have writing ideas available for use. Just copy the given template and replace it with details about yourself.

AdultFriendFinder sign up

Member Structure

AdultFriendFinder has a whopping 64,000,000 members, and that doesn’t include people from outside the United States. It has one of the largest member pools, with the majority of these people only visiting the website purely to find someone to have sex with. That’s the thing about hookup dating sites that are proud and loud about offering a casual relationship – people gather freely without fear of getting judged, and the members themselves are open about their purpose for using the services.

Members: 2 million active users weekly

Gender Profile:

  • Women 20%
  • Men 80%

Recommended Age: 18 years old and above

AdultFriendFinder members

Matchmaking on AdultFriendFinder

Since AdultFriendFinder has a vast membership pool with all sorts of people, you won’t encounter a problem with looking for matches. The second you start paying for the services, you will be notified about hundreds of available users in your area. Don’t worry about not knowing who to message first; a profile will start sending a message right away. Then it will be followed by another one, maybe a couple, a mature woman, or an LGBTQ person – anyone interested in your provided characteristics can send you a personal message immediately.

This is where you have the power to choose. It will depend on your standards and preferences. Are you into threesomes? Do you want to try a same-sex affair? Would you be interested in hooking up with a freaky stranger? It’s all up to you. Those are the perks of joining popular hookup dating sites – there’s always somebody for you.

Profile Quality

AdultFriendFinder makes profile creation fun. Since it’s all about experiencing sexual pleasures and fantasies, you will know a lot about a user’s sexual preferences just by looking at their profile. Photos and videos can also be viewed for free. But that’s all there is to it. You won’t find any personal information relationship-wise. You won’t be finding cheesy love quotes or their dreams of having a future family. That’s just not what the website is about. The profiles are detailed and tell a lot about the person sex-wise.

You might be wondering how AdultFriendFinder gathers this much information about the members. The answer lies in the profile personalization through forms. There are tons available for you to fill in, from questions about your eye color or cup size to those asking about your past hookup experiences.

AdultFriendFinder profile

AdultFriendFinder App Review

AdultFriendFinder operates under the FriendFinder Network, and they have a one-stop-shop app where all dating sites under the network are combined – the All FriendFinder app. If you wish to interact with users purely from AdultFriendFinder, there is also an application made for that. It’s available on the App Store for iOS users and boasts of a 4-star rating from satisfied users. It’s a basic and simple version of the website with only the things you need to find a hookup on the go.

It gives you exactly what you expect in a mobile dating app. There isn’t an official app for Android users according to their website, but there is a mobile version of the site that can be accessed through your personal browser. The mobile version is the exact same as the official website, just smaller, and can be visited through your phone, wherever, whenever.

AdultFriendFinder app

Design and Usability

What’s most eye-catching about this website that makes it stand out among other hookup dating sites is the NSFW content thrown right in front of you. Some people jokingly compare it to an actual adult site with XXX-rated videos because you basically see naked photos and explicit usernames here and there. That’s actually a good thing; you can see your options for people to contact immediately. Once you get past all that and gain a general feel of the website, you’ll realize how fairly easy it is to navigate. All the menus and tabs are in bold, large fonts easily seen in a flash. Any techy or newbie can make full use of the website after just a few tries.

Special Features

You will never run out of something entertaining to do on the AdultFriendFinder website. It’s honestly too entertaining you might forget you’re visiting to find a date, not just looking at steamy photos and videos by random. Here are different ways to make contact and communicate at AdultFriendFinder:

  • Live Webcams – Yes, you read that right. You can watch other members while broadcasting live on the website. The Live-Action tab is where you will find the button for “Live Broadcasters Webcams.”
  • Groups and Adult Chatrooms – The chat rooms are where you will find some of the most open-minded people you will ever meet. It’s a fun and safe place to share your experiences or fantasies. To chat about something specific, you may create a group made especially for that topic.
  • Sex Academy – Where else can you find a website with a built-in tutorial about how to ace your hookup? AdultFriendFinder has this useful feature available for users with paid membership.
  • Flirt – The Flirt feature is for those not so straightforward at hitting on other members. A simple wink is enough to let others know you are interested.
  • Send Gifts/Tip – This feature is popular among the sugar daddies who like to shower with gifts. Or, if you’ve got your eye on an incredibly sexy lady, use this feature to get her attention.
  • Livestreaming – As mentioned, you can sit back and watch other members while broadcasting live, or you can broadcast yourself too!

Security and Support

AdultFriendFinder does its job of protecting its members from fraud. They ask for a valid email address upon sign up and have site moderators spread out to monitor profile activities. The site, however, isn’t free from scammers and fake accounts. You will most definitely encounter a fake account several times, so you just have to do your part and be cautious with who you make contact with. Some are pretty obvious with their generic messages, but you never know if that attractive swinger couple may turn out to scam money from you. You can eventually spot them in an instant once you learn how to identify a legitimate account from a fake one.

Costs and Prices

Joining AdultFriendFinder can be expensive. If you enjoy the features a bit too much and stay long enough, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars! But then again, the paid services are where things get entertaining. From all the Special Features mentioned above, one of them will get you hooked and end up paying for more than how much you planned to spend. To make use of every available service, go for the Gold Membership immediately through these plan options:


  • 1 Month 39.95 USD/Month = 39.95 USD
  • 3 Months 26.95 USD/Month = 80.85 USD
  • 12 Months 19.95 USD/Month = 239.40 USD

AdultFriendFinder pricing

AdultFriendFinder Cancellation

For cancellations, the Auto-Renew feature can be turned off anytime you wish to cut short of your membership plan or when your plan is about to expire. You can access this through the My Account link on the top menu.

Experts Conclusion

The answer to the question of whether AdultFriendFinder is all about sex is yes. This website is designed especially for that sole purpose – to have sex, talk about sex, or learn about sex. It is overall entertaining no matter what feature you try out, and there is always something for any type of person. Upon leaving the website, you’ll either end up with a hookup arranged later or get excited for the next time you visit.


Who is the owner of

AdultFriendFinder’s current CEO is Andrew Conru, also the website founder.

Member or Guest: what’s the difference?

Guests can only view profiles. To create and post your own, you must become a member.

Is AdultFriendFinder a legal site?

AdultFriendFinder is one of the top hookup dating sites to date with a large member population.

Is there a way to block other AdultFriendFinder members?

Yes, it is possible to block suspicious profiles.

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