Tinder VS Grindr: Find the Better Option

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Tinder VS Grindr Features

tinder logoWith Tinder, you will notice the swiping game become quite simple and exciting. You can do it with a paid membership, which allows you to use some interesting features, such as Boost and Super Boost.

With these features, you will be able to improve your visibility by pushing your profile up the ladder. Super Boost is touted as the ultimate Tinder Hack because it lets you bring your profile on top to make it visible to potential matches. Top Picks will help you make a choice, and you can always use the Rewind feature to return to a profile if you accidentally swipe left.

Tinder allows you to find potential matches in your local area, as well as in any area of your choice, by utilizing the Passport/Swipe around the World feature. Swipe Night is an exciting matchmaking feature, as it lets you play a game and connects you with members who made the same decisions.

Interestingly, university students can enjoy better outcomes by utilizing the Tinder U feature.

Noonlight for Tinder is yet another interesting feature for maintaining your personal safety. It allows you to make decisions about your date and lets you send a discreet distress signal if anything goes wrong. The only downside is that it is currently available in the US only.

grindr logoAs you can see, Tinder looks very interesting in terms of features, but Grindr is never far behind. It is designed exclusively for gay people; most of its features are geared towards this special group.

You can utilize LGBT-themed emojis to share your true thoughts with your own community. With more than 500 Gaymojis, this feature makes it far better than Tinder. As the “Super Likes” feature works in Tinder, you can use something similar called the “Tap” feature in Grindr. You get it as the Flame icon, which you need to click to show your liking for someone without even saying a word.

The rewind feature in Tinder is good, but something similar is available in Grindr as “Favorite,” ensuring you do not miss someone accidentally. Tinder is great in terms of finding potential matches, but Grindr helps with its “Explore” feature, which you can use to find matches outside of your current physical location.

Tinder VS Grindr: Prices

While you may notice differences in features, but you will not notice a huge difference in prices. You can use the monthly plan of Xtra Grindr for $13.00, whereas the same monthly package of Tinder Gold under 28 will cost you $14.99. If you opt for a yearly plan, you will be paying $5.20/month for Grindr Xtra and $6.92 for Tinder Gold.

However, a 3-month plan for Grindr Xtra seems to be a lot more expensive than Tinder.

There surely is some difference in price that affects the bottom line, but ultimately, it comes down to what sort of dating you are looking for.

1 month6 month12 month
Tinder Gold$14.99$52.98$83.04
Grindr Xtra$13.00$56.04$62.40

Member Structure

Both dating apps have millions of members, but it seems that Tinder enjoys a higher member activity as compared to Grindr. Grindr is all about gay men, but Tinder also has a greater percentage of male users (up to 63%).

It means that 37% of the member base on Tinder consists of females, which is huge, considering the millions of users actively searching on this hookup dating app.

Both these apps have a great deal of diversity in terms of members’ age, but the most popular age bracket on Grindr is between 25 and 34.


You can find matches in different countries for hookup dating, but Grindr has a large percentage of members from the US (up to 25%). You can also find millions of users from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand on Grindr.

Tinder works well in this regard, but keep in mind that you can use Tinder Search for matched profiles only, so you cannot find specific users unless you have already liked each other’s profiles. Also, some countries have banned Grindr, but you can still find it work perfectly in more than 190 countries.

Card Stack and Tile View

When using Grindr and Tinder for the first time, you will notice a major difference in the way potential matches are presented. On Tinder, you will find the Card Stack system, where you will be able to swipe left and right.

The options will eventually run out as the card stack lessens with each swipe. To get more options, you will have to change your age preferences and location.

While the card stack works effectively and helps you determine hotness by swiping, Grindr uses a different approach altogether. On Grindr, you will notice your options organized in a tile system.

At a time, you will be able to see 12+ users. You can click on any profile to check the photos as well as other important details before making a decision. Some people find it more informative, but others like how effortlessly they can swipe left/right through card stacks.

Who Owns Grindr and Tinder

Both Grindr and Tinder are hookup dating apps designed to help you find new relationships. Grindr became available on the iOS app in 2009 by Joel Simkhai in California. The free version was designed to showcase up to 100 profiles, while the premium version was able to display up to 200 profiles of men with no advertising.

Beijing Kunlun Tech, a Chinese video game development firm, owed Grindr after acquiring a 60% stake in the company for $93 million. The company has just recently sold Grindr to San Vicente Acquisitions Partners, a US-based company.

On the other hand, Tinder is owned by Match Group, Inc, a US-based tech company that owns more than 45 global dating services.

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