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For people with specific sexual preferences and kinks

Free Feature

Polite customer support

  • Packages: 6/12/24 months of support or Lifetime Support
  • Special Features: Fetishes is designed to let you walk around the fetishes that you have an interest in.
  • Premium Extras: Fetlife badge, Go back 25x more in the Friend Feed, • Access new features
  • Security & Privacy: gather aggregate data on user engagement to determine the effectiveness of their new features
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The site’s functionalities are very akin to Facebook, for instance, adding friends, posting to someone’s wall to name a few. In this detailed review, you’ll get a deep insight into this dating platform to see if it’s an ideal platform for you to get started with the online dating scene.

Member Structure

Male members outweigh female ones. Almost 3/5 of the entire populace is men. But there’s no shortage of female members. On this platform, you’ll come across users who are 25 to 34 years old. It is the best place to get your sexual fantasies fulfilled and meet ones who are too seeking the same kind of experiences as you’re.

Signing Up

You can sign-up on Fetlife with ease and quickly. Basic information like your desires, gender, name, etc. is all required to set up a profile. It is mandatory to enter your phone number where this dating platform can send the verification code. Happily, the registration is free. As a free member, you get about 90% features of this dating website for free. But, you need a premium plan or give Fetlife support for media access- videos as a free user.

There’s no option to sign up via social media account like Facebook.

Making Contact

The search bar on this platform assists you out in quickly find other members. You may even find random numbers on the explore tab. Users can search for others around their locality by using the feature Perv Kinkster Nearby.

You can see the media content of other users manually at no cost. Also, be geared up to view sexually explicit material such as new media – it could be images or videos of users performing some acts. However, if you’re not happy with that, you can pick other profiles for apt content.

Messaging here is free.

Profile Quality

To set up your profile, there’re six tabs you need to fill out.

  • 1st tab – Modify the info you’ve entered upon sign up
  • 2nd tab – Write about yourself
  • 3rd tab: – Your connection with other users of Fetlife
  • 4th tab: – Enter websites you would like your friends to check
  • 5th & 6th tab – Upload media – pictures on 5th one & videos on the 6th one

On your profile, you’ll see your activities. If you desire, you can make your profile private. As it is not mandatory to finish the profile info, you can opt to be discreet about your true identity, so expect to come across some empty profiles.

On the profile page, check out your friends and your followers as well. In terms of profile quality, Fetlife definitely stands out.

Tips for Profile Making

  • Be positive while creating a profile
  • Consider your profile as a FAQ – what are people mostly want to ask you
  • Give time to writing the profile

Fetlife Dating App

Unfortunately, the site is not available on the App Store or Google Play Store. However, downloading and installing the app on your Android phone in APK format via FetLife.vip is possible. According to usage data, the majority of the members like to access the platform on their smartphones. So, you’ll also love using the app over the desktop or website version.


The overall design is pretty basic that you’ll find appealing for sure. Though, you might not adore the color combination of this website, which is almost gray & black. You’ll find some texts that are of red color. It may appear quite dark and not tempting to the eye.

Every user with her or his basic knowledge to use an app or website would not make you feel lost while using Fetlife.

Costs and Prices

Unlike most other dating sites, you don’t pay money for a premium plan on Fetlife. Instead, they offer “support” to this dating website by donating a particular amount every month.

  • 30 USD -6 months
  • 60 USD -12 months
  • 120 USD – 24 months
  • 240 USD – Lifetime Support.

Special Features of the Site

The one feature making Fetlife special is Fetishes. This particular feature is designed to let you walk around the fetishes that you have an interest in.

By choosing amongst the varieties of fetishes (you’ll find 60+), you’ll be forward to the groups and users’ list with the similar or same interest.

Pros / Cons
  • More than 8 million users worldwide
  • A safe place for people with specific sexual preferences and kinks
  • Polite customer support
  • Not a smooth-running dating site
  • Old-fashioned interface


The interface is user-friendly. Navigating from one page to another isn’t a hassle. Newbies can quickly learn how to use this dating platform – the straightforward nature of the site will remind you about social networks.

In all, usability isn’t a trouble. The site has focused its design efforts to ensure that the platform’s aesthetic nature doesn’t disturb its functional part.


Fetlife is extremely secure. It has no role in selling its member’s info to 3rd parties, indeed not even macro stuff such as browsing data. Like other social platforms, they gather aggregate data on user engagement to determine the effectiveness of their new features.

All member interactions or communications are SSL-encrypted.

Premium Extras

Its premium extras include:

  • Fetlife badge on the profile
  • Perv most loved media – images & videos of today
  • Go back 25x more in the Friend Feed
  • Reminisce and see all the info that you have “loved”
  • Access new features


Deleting your account is possible with ease, be it permanently or temporarily. When it comes to cancellation of premium membership, there’s no need to do manually.

Real User Reviews

“Fetlife is an ideal place for kinky dating and fulfilling your sexual desires. Of course, this dating site and app need some enhancements, but it is very low-budget that’s great for me, and it would be for other users as well.”

“One of the biggest communities for kinky people, I have been using this dating site for two months. I met real people with common interests. Everything is quite good here. But most members don’t respond. In all, Fetlife is fine for me as it is free almost.”

Top Tips to Avoid Fake Profiles and Bots

Look for below signs:

  • The profile doesn’t contain many photos or no photos of a person at all
  • The profile with little to none in common, and trying to follow you, it’s probably for wrong reasons
  • When someone adds you, and you add them, there’s no more contact with that particular period; it’s an indication of the fake profile

Fetlife Review for Guys

Almost 80 percent of the populace of the platform is males, and only 20 percent are females. So, considering this data, Fetlife indeed has something good for guys.

Tips to Pick Up on Fetlife

  • Put lots of effort into your profile
  • When messaging or approaching people on Fetlife, don’t be too straightforward
  • Post from time to time

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fetlife available worldwide?

Yes, it has more than 8 million users from the USA and Europe to Bhutan and Fiji.

How old should you be to sign-up on Fetlife?

To join Fetlife, you must be at least 18 years old.

Can I use the Fetlife app on my computer?

Yes, Fetlife has a native desktop app for platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Is anyone on Fetlife social network?

Yes, you’ll come across hundreds of thousands of individuals on Fetlife.

Do I need a Fetlife premium membership?

No, you can prefer using a free membership. If you want access to premium extras, then you need a premium membership.

What really happens on Fetlife?

In essence, it’s a kinky Facebook. Set up for social networking, Fetlife lets you browse profiles, post statuses, send messages, post pictures, and much more. It comes in very handy to take part in local kink communities. You can explore groups in your local area, find munches and enjoy parties, and much more. Even though it is not intended as most other dating sites, some people still use it as one.

fetlife logo

For people with specific sexual preferences and kinks

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