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Your profile headline on a dating site is the first thing an interested user will see. It occurs for dating sites where members are required to put up a headline. Therefore, the headline will determine whether someone will read your profile or skip and check out the next hot single on the website.

Out of the 8 to 10 users that read your headline, only one is likely to read your entire profile. You can increase this number by writing catchy and interesting headlines that catch the attention of the people you’re trying to attract.

The secret to a good headline is in piquing the interest of your intended target. You should, therefore, be specific. A headline that seeks to attract nerdy singles may not necessarily attract singles into a different kind of lifestyle.

Similarly, a headline written to attract singles for hookup dating should be different from one that seeks to attract singles for serious long-term dating or marriage. Furthermore, your headline should put out your personality. You should therefore use your own words and avoid copying headlines from other profiles.

Dating Profile Headlines to Attract Guys – Tips for You

Single women looking for single men using online dating sites should be strategic in their search. The first thing to work on is your profile headline. You may have a good profile, but a bad headline will prevent single men from reading it.

Adopting the following tips will ensure that you have a headline that catches the guys’ attention and makes them interested in you enough to proceed and read your entire profile.

  • Make It Clear What You Are Looking for

Being specific on what you’re looking for doesn’t mean that you state that you’re looking for a husband. It means that you let single men know that you are looking for someone to settle down with.

You, therefore, have to be creative in how you put up the headline. You may write something like, “Looking for someone ready for a long lifetime drive.” If you’re looking for a different type of relationship and not marriage, the same principle applies.

  • Lead with a Question

A question will always catch someone’s attention. Asking single guys something like, “Are you the one with my rib?” will prompt them to immediately go into your inbox and answer your question, therefore starting conversations that may lead to romantic dates.

Only ask questions that you’re genuinely interested in getting answers to – not just random questions.

  • Tell People about Yourself

A headline might be all a guy needs to know who you, and if you’re the person they’re looking for, they’ll initiate conversations. Say something like, “I am a go-getter, adventurous, and a keeper.” These are enough qualities to pique the interest of a single man looking for an ambitious lady for a long-term relationship.

  • Declare Your Hobbies

Sometimes men are looking for single ladies who are into the same things. Quality companionship means sharing quality time with someone on things that both of you enjoy. Putting your interests on your headline will therefore attract like-minded single men. If you like dogs, put it up on your headline. A single guy who is also into dogs will definitely hit your inbox.

  • Keep It Concise, Short, and Sweet

Your headline is not your profile. That’s why some dating sites may have character limits in a text you can put up on your headline. Keep it short and interesting, interesting enough to lead guys to your profile. You can get as detailed as possible on your profile.

  • Some Humor Can Help

If a guy reads your headline and smiles, they definitely get interested in your profile. A funny headline doesn’t necessarily mean you’re funny; it means that you are creative. The aim is to lead single men into your profile and inbox.

Sugar Baby Headlines – Capture a Lot of Attention

Sugar baby dating is different from conventional dating. It means that your dating profile headline should also be different. If you are on a dating site that welcomes all types of relationships, your headline should be specific on your interests, letting people know that you’re interested in sugar dating.

However, if you’re on a sugar dating site, you can take a different approach to attract the type of sugar daddy or sugar mamma you want to date.

A good profile should back up your catchy sugar baby headline. Once you’ve captured the attention of the sugar daddy, your profile should further lead them to your inbox. A combination of a good headline and a good profile will, therefore, increase your chances of succeeding in a sugar dating website.

  • Be Specific

Your headline is not meant to attract everyone to the website. Create a profile that targets the people you’re interested in meeting. For example, you may only be interested in sugar daddies who are entrepreneurs. Or maybe you want someone who loves traveling, and you think you can be a great companion in their travel adventures.

  • Don’t be Emotional

Sugar daddies and sugar mommies are looking for fun. They might be running away from emotional baggage from their personal lives, and the last thing they need is someone carrying emotions.

  • Be Ready for Fun

One of the reasons why older singles seek younger singles is for adventurous fun. It might not be all about sex or romance. A sugar daddy might enjoy the company of a younger girl when hiking, going for a road trip, swimming, or bowling.

Your headline should indicate that you are ready to have fun, whether outdoors or indoors. However, be genuine about your interests; otherwise, you may find people who are not compatible with you. Don’t say you like hiking if that’s not one of your hobbies.

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dating profile headlines

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