Best Way To Get a Girl On Your First Meeting

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How Girls Expect You to Approach Them

Before we serve the main course to you, there is a chance that you are dating someone special, and you are looking for ways to spice things up between you. Well, you are in the right place. This piece is not only for the rookies finding it hard to get a girl, but you are also going to find out what tickles with women in general.

It’s a great feeling to be with someone you have the hots for. It’s a dream come through for every guy to have a girl. But not every guy is lucky. You may not have been lucky because for as long as you can remember, you haven’t mustered the courage to make a move. You are constantly deciding if you should go for it or not. And you go through a lot of torture. What’s worse is that the fear of rejection creeps in between you having a chance with that girl. You are acting like gentlemen while dying on the inside.

Whether shy or not, women are wired in generally the same way when it comes to making a move with them. However, if you have the shy type to contend with, here are four great ways to sweep them off their feet.

1. Keep it casual at first

Your conversation with a shy girl at first shouldn’t be about asking her out. Don’t rock the boat. Making casual talk with her is the right thing to do. Since she’s the shy type, you are more likely to notice what she loves doing; because she keeps to herself. Start off with what you discover, compliment her, and she will warm up to you.

2. Be sure no one is around when you make a move

Let it be that the only witness to what you require of her are the birds or the trees around, or a place with just the two of you. You are creating a more easy place for her to give you a positive reply.

3. Be her friend: The best way is to start causal

From being casual, you can build rapport. If she’s good at something, ask her to teach you. Show genuine interest.

4. The ice-cream invite does it too

You can make a move easier by asking out for ice cream. Watch her reaction to this and ask her to be your girl.
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If you’ve got the girl, and you are undecided when to for the first kiss, we got you covered with these tips.

1. Read the mood: You’ve had a successful outing with her. The truth is she expects the kiss. But you have to read the room. Women love bold men, but it’s better you notice if they want it. If the signs are good, go for the good night kiss.
2. The signs would be there: If you are talking with her, and her attention is not on you, red flagman. A girl who would go with the kiss will have her eyes on you, laugh at your jokes, smile at you, stroke, and hold your hands. Now that’s the green light to do it.
3. Don’t talk about the kiss: Women loved to be surprised. It’s a turn off to ask if you can kiss her because she would definitely say no. Just make sure the mood is right, and most importantly, it should be you and her alone. Surprise her with the move, and she won’t cringe from it.

Bonus: get closer. Get closer to her. Let your arm graze each other softly. Cozy up to her face, and you are already setting the mood to do it.

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