Best Legit Hookup Sites In 2023

So far, so good after research on various levels, a conclusion has been made to bring the best legit hookup sites to help prospective users in their decision-making process while looking for the legit hookup sites for partner search.

These legit hookup sites have met the standard criteria that determine standing out in all aspects, and that is why they are presented to the users. These sites are 100% certified to redefine the hookup experience of users.

How Much Do Legit Hookup Sites Cost

There is no specific cost attachment to their services. All services rendered are based on the owner’s discretion. However, all the hookup sites have the best cost ever, and the reason for this is tied to the awareness of how finding legit hookups is becoming worrisome. The price has been fairly good, and another thing is the duration-based service which gives users the opportunity of choosing based on their financial capacity.

What Do Other People Say

Lenon is my name, and I am here to say exactly what I know about the legit hookup site that I am privileged to use. This legit hookup site is everything I desire in terms of signing up. I completed my registration within 2-3 minutes.

Not only that but, after subscribing to the paid features, I got to connect with a woman that has the physical, emotional, mental, as well as psychological maturity I have. There is nothing more to say about this legit hookup site than it is just excellent and exceptional.

I am Bamidele. I downloaded the app and became a member with the mind of finding partners for sex. I can say I am lucky I got my spec without staying long in the queue. The legit hookup site is very fantastic in all its features and also legit to invest in.

My name is Suzzie. I am one of the old members of one of the legit hookup sites mentioned in this review. I didn’t join to find any matchmake for a serious relationship, all I needed was a casual companion to make my day, and today, I have as many as I desire who always add spices to each passing day of my life.

I am Caritas; I got entangled with my boss in the office on love affairs without knowing that he has been feeding me with lies all along. When I got to find out that he has a lady he’s about to get married to in few weeks, I became very dejected.

I tried to love on and fill the void he left in my heart. The only solution that came to my heart is joining a legit hookup site. After completing my registration, I met a partner who has been helping me get over my pains and ensuring my quick healing. I am now a better version of the old me in the last few weeks ago.

  • Naughtydate is a dating site for casual dating and steamy hookups
  • Ashley Madison is best for connecting singles for both long and short term relationships
  • AdultFriendFinder helps to connect for casual and serious hookups
  • Seeking helps to bring together users for casual hookup and long-term dating
  • Zoosk carries weight in helping to foster both casual hookup and long-term relationship
  • Hinge oversees only serious relationships among singles
  • Bumble gets singles together for mostly short term relationships
  • Hookupdaters monitor hookups of all types as well the LGBTQ relationships.


NaughtyDate logoThe membership structure of Naughtydate is more than 3 million, with 300,000 members from the USA. The daily logins on the legit hookup site are 3,000. Gender proportion on the hookup site is 23% females and 77 % males.

The site has an average weekly login of is10,000, while monthly logins are 300,000. Many of the users have an interest in straight relationships as well as casual hookups.


Ashley Madison

ashley madison logoAshley Madison is a legit hookup site that makes sure singles get hooked to partners at fairly affordable prices. The hookup site is famous for connecting singles for both long-term and casual relationships.

Currently, it has over 2 million users globally, with more than 15,000 users daily logins. The legit hookup site has more men than women in terms of domination.



adultfriendfinder logoAdultFriendFinder is to the rescue when it comes to handling legit hookup issues. As of now, many singles have made it their first option, and as a result, it has over 5 million global users with more than 200,000 active weekly members.

64,000 of its population are from the US. Apart from that, the legit hookup site has 23% female and 77% male users across the globe.



Seeking logoSeeking has been able to break through many impossibilities and has made itself a name in the hookup industry. At the moment, the site has more than 10 million users because many people prefer to partner with it just because it is legit for online dating.

Among the 10 million users, 5,400,000 are from the US. Also, 80% sugar babies and 20% sugar daddies and mummies are interested in casual hookups and long-term relationships. Based on the percentage of users, men have 48%, while women have 52 women.



zoosk logoZoosk carries a bigger weight in the industry with a huge 40 million worldwide members, of which 20,000,000 are US residents. Based on the number of daily logins on the legit hookup site, it is estimated at 1,600,000.

The gender percentage is 45% females and 55% males, and these people are majorly within the age range of 25-34. The legit hookup site makes finding both serious hookups as well as casual friendships possible.



Hinge logoHinge is one of the legit matchmaking sites that match makes for serious relationships only. The hookup site has been able to rake over 5 million users since its inception. Out of the over 5 million, 500,000 are from the USA.

Men on the hookup site cover 50% as well as women. The age range of users covers 24-32 years.



Bumble logoMembers on Bumble are more than 15 million worldwide. It is wonderful to say that 11 million out of them are from the US. In a month, 700,000 is recorded on the matchmaking site.

From the US only, the site has over 300,000 monthly logins. The age range of its members is from the mid-20s to mid-30s. The gender proportion is 55% men while women are 45%.



HookupdatersThe hookup dating site is legit that users can depend on as per online dating. The hookup site has over 2 million members from all parts of the world. Hookupdaters have different types of users, among which are the LGBTQ community.

In a week, the number of daily logins is 120,000, and the percentage of users is 37% males and 63% females. The site is known to connect singles who are ready to mingle.


Key Factors To Use The Legit Hookup Sites

Before being considered a legit owner of an account on any matchmaking site, users must have fulfilled some obligations. These obligations start from registering by downloading an app or by using the mobile version.

After that has been done, users can upload the necessary things such as name, age, email, and other information. Also, members need to upload their profile photos to further show their readiness in getting partners on the legit hookup sites.

How To Choose The Legit Hookup Sites For Relationship

Choosing is connected to making ideal inquiries before signing up. This goes a long way in finding the interest of any prospective user. Users can get their information by reading about any matchmaking site online or going through feedback from online users and people who use it within their environment.

Practical Ways To Find Hooking In 2023

In the practical sense, users need to go online, register, and upgrade their membership to the paid features. The paid features have the best offers and the ability to help find other members who want to start relationships.


How To Stay Safe When Chatting On Legit Hookup Sites

Staying safe while chatting involves members’ part to be played as well. Apart from the admins of the site-blocking suspected accounts at the point of registration, users can also help themselves by putting a restraint on the way they relate with strangers.

Users should not be too open until they know that the person behind the profile is real and truly ready for a relationship. Also, members have the opportunity of blocking or reporting members with double faces.

Which Legit Hookup Sites Are Free

All legit matchmaking sites are free at the point of registration, as well as the aspect of enjoying the free features.

How Do You Text Someone

By upgrading from the free features to the paid features.


All these reviews are to make users feel comfortable using the hookup sites. These sites are 100% legit and safe for everyone. All users are treated equally, and within a short moment, matchmaking is possible.