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Here in 2023, having a world-class ability to woo partners online is more important than ever before. That’s why here on, we’ve called upon our top dating experts to give you a never before seen insight into the best tinder pick-up lines, certain to increase the number of connections you’re making online.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the top ways to amaze new partners on Tinder with witty pick-up lines that you can use as your own!

The Best Pick-Up Lines for Tinder


tinder pickup linesWe begin with an age-old method of attracting sexual partners and having the means to get to know them further and what better way to do so than through humor.

Making someone laugh is not the only key to them being open to liking you more; it dramatically increases the chances that you’ll hit things off with them, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of this new, interesting person, creating new connections and possibilities for exploration like never before.

“If I had to compare you to a vegetable, I’d say you’re a Cute-cumber.”

Short, funny, and not over imposing, this is the perfect example of a tinder pick up line that will continue to achieve success for singles dating online looking to captivate the attention of people on Tinder. Not only does this message achieve our purpose, but it can also be created from the mind in seconds.


Another great way to find more dates and get to know more people on Tinder is by radiating confidence in your words in everything that you say. A confident statement increases the chances of success by over 65%, so this medium of standing out from the rest is highly recommended when chatting to someone new.

“What is a perfect guy like me doing without you in my life?”

Again, short, straight to the point, and portraying you with the all-important confident swagger needed to secure more dates. The power of being confident cannot be understated, especially for guys looking to meet women. After all, women are usually more submissive and tend to prefer strong, confident characters they can be sure will look after them.

“Well, I’m here. What were your other two wishes?”

“I’m new to the area, can you show me the way to your house?”

It’s important that your Tinder pick-up lines always remain short, sweet, and direct; if not, new matches are likely to either quickly unmatch with you or simply ignore your message completely.

Let Them Take the Lead

pickup linesSitting back and allowing your new match to take the conversation where they want is a great way to increase the likelihood that you’ll have success. We found that partners were 40% more likely to want to meet for a date if they felt like we cared about what they like, and letting them lead conversations was a great way to do so.

Asking them simple yet powerful questions that will invoke a strong emotional response is best, leading to more action for you much quicker than without using this method!

“You look like a busy character; can you add me to your to-do list for next week?”

“What are your favorite three things to do on a date?”

“Of all the countries in the world, which would you most like to visit and why?”

With questions like these, singles are much more inclined to not breeze over your message and get onto the next dopamine hit. Rather, they will think deeper about your question than they would usually when using the app, focusing their attention on you, if only for a short while.

As a result, you can gauge a real insight into your new match and take things further in multiple ways. Firstly, you know more about the person and can structure a follow-up question accordingly based on their response, or you immediately realize that you two couldn’t be further apart with your answers and can save lots of wasted time chatting.

How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

For all of us using a dating app like Tinder, there’ll come the point where we struggle to construct an opening line to send to that hot local who’s ended up in our match list, or, god forbid, are bemused on how to respond to those messages vowing for the award of the most cringeworthy 2024.

Whatever the case, knowing how to take a step back and compose memorable tinder messages is essential in today’s current dating climate.

Another Angle of Entry

When creating a tinder pick up line, it’s very natural to be nervous before sending or scared of looking stupid, especially the first couple of times or for those who are unfamiliar with online dating. Most times, a combination of fear and ego can prevent us from even starting a conversation on Tinder, but by removing these from the equation, we quickly begin to see great results.

Responding to Messages on Tinder

Look at each Tinder message as you would if you were the other person sending it. Think, what were the expectations and hopes of sending this message. Were they trying to amuse you? Get to know you?

By taking a step back, we can begin to overlook the cringe worthiness of some of the messages we get and respond in a way that doesn’t completely end the connection before it’s had a chance to grow.

Granted, not everyone possesses the ability to create award-winning tinder pick-up lines, with most people falling drastically short of the mark in truth, but by accepting that not everyone is perfect, we can form relationships from the most unlikely of sources.

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