Best Free Gay Hookup Sites In 2023

The best free gay sites in 2023 have been considered to be such because they have met at least 98% of users’ expectations in signing up, price, matchmaking, and other things being offered as services.

These free gay hookup sites are a source of blessing and comfort because they offer all forms of relationships, such as long-term relationships, flirting relationships, casual hookups, and others. With these reviews, users are in safe hands if by using any of them. Not only that but, they are assured maximum protection.

Top Free Gay Hookup Sites

How Much Do Free Gay Hookup Sites Cost

With the understanding of the difficulties involved in getting partners, especially in a society where gays are mostly discriminated against, these free gay hookup sites have taken up the challenge to make sure getting gay partners is easy at a token.

Another reason for making sure the cost is user-friendly is that it ensures wholesome competition among one another. Whatever the cost of services, all these free hookup sites are 100% good and cost-effective.

What Do Other People Say

I am Daniel; I discovered that since I reached the age of 14, I started losing interest in the opposite gender. I did everything to change my perceptions, but the more I became attracted to the same gender. I later discovered within myself that I was made to be gay from birth.

I decided to use a free gay hookup site to find gay partners; I was lucky to find one of the most reliable ones mentioned in this review. The cost is effective 100% because the services are great.

I am Prince; I lived in a society that discriminates against gay partners. When the hatred became unbearable, I moved to another place, but the situation was the same- intense hatred. I went ahead to get another place until I discovered that almost everyone does not like being gay.

I became worried because of rejection and decided to try my luck online. I joined one of the free gay hookup sites online, and I have found the greatest luck there. The members are very friendly and accommodating. I have not only found friends, but I have also found a loving gay partner for sex.

I am Aaron; my interest in gay hookup sites grew when I saw the way my friends easily get partners on these LGBT hookup sites. I registered as well and migrated to the premium membership. Alas! It was just like magic; members were all over me, asking for relationships within a short period.

My name is Rex; my story goes thus. I grew up to notice myself as an orphan without love and acceptance. I became critical of life, and it affected my relationship with people in all spheres of life. I was always looking to find true love from sincere people.

One day, I overheard my neighbors talking about gay hookup sites, I rushed down the stairs to make more inquiries, and I followed the instructions in and out. Today, I have not only friends that love me, but I have also found a true and acceptable gay partner.

  • hookup site is okay for gays and bisexuals in search of friendship and love
  • is ideal for young and new gays who are just hatching
  • GaysGoDating helps to connect gay partners for casual dating and flirts
  • EHarmony is best for gays who have an interest in sex and fling
  • Adam4Adam for perfect for young gays in a quest for love and casual relationships

MenNation is meant for

  • men of all ages who are interested in long or short term relationships
  • FriendFinderX is okay for matchmaking young men for long or short term dating online

BiCupid is popular for both casual dating and hookups

Buddygays logoBuddyGays is one of the most reliable sites to contact for gay relationships. The gay site helps in connecting all gay partners from every corner of the world m. Based on its membership estimate, its US members are 300,000, active members are estimated at 100,000, with 100% men who are always willing and ready to mingle.


Gaystryst logoGaystryst is a gay hookup site that favors casual hookups. Currently, the number of users on the gay hookup site who reside in the US is 350,000.

Besides that, the number of active members in a week is 115,000. In a month, the number of users is 580,000. The age of most of the members is from 24-30, with the percentage of 100% gays who are seeking flirts, hookups, or just casual flings.



Gaysgodating logoIt focuses majorly on gay dating alone. Currently, the number of its members is estimated at 250,000. Apart from that, the gay hookup site is 100% men interested in casual dating and flirts.



eharmony logoEHarmony is an LGBT hookup site known globally for connecting gay partners who are interested in relationships. The current number of its US users is 29,000,000, and the number of weekly active users is nothing less than 16,000,000.

Based on gender proportion, the percentage of men is 53 while women are 47. The age range of users is 25-34. The site is one of those hookup sites that offer long term relationships, and that is why most of its users desire a stable relationship



adam4adam logoAdam4Adam is an LGBT hookup site that seeks to help gay members who desire relationships online. As of now, it has 6,300 members who reside in the US. Besides that, the daily logins on the site are 440,000. The overall activeness of members on the site is 60,000; most of its users are 25 years.

The number of visitors that the site accommodates is 1 million. It also has 53% males who are non-white. The majority of the members-only have an interest in no strings attached relationships, only fun-based relationships.



MenNation logoMembers on MenNation are estimated at 97 million worldwide. Based on research, the number of gay users from the US is 61,000,000. Active members in a month on the dating site are 900,000.

The percentage of gender is 76% men and 24% women. The majority of its age group users is55 years old and above. Many of its users are interested in having a serious relationship.



FriendFinderX logoFriend Finder X is one of the LGBT hookup sites that put smiles on the faces of young gays, and this has endeared them to many gay singles over the years. The number of its US members is 100,000, with the estimate of daily logins at 25,000. Men have 60% while women have 40%.

The hookup site also gives room for a couple of registration. Also, most of its members are on Gold Membership Offer.



BiCupid logoBiCupid is a hookup site that is considered the largest bisexual dating site. It also helps in the aspect of couple registration. At the moment, the hookup site has1,000,000 members from the USA with 40,000 active weekly users. The number of new members on the site is more than 50,000, with a record of more than 230,000 monthly visitations.

The hookup site has the majority of its users within the age of 25 upward. On the site, men have a higher percentage. Also, the hookup site has the majority of users who want only casual flings and hookups. LGBTQ and bisexuals are also welcomed.


Key Factors To Use Free Hookup Sites

The major requirement is going online to sign up either by downloading the app or using the mobile version. This is followed by uploading some necessary information such as name, age, location, and an email address.

How To Choose The Free Gay Hookup Site

This decision is sometimes triggered by certain things, among which are making inquiries from different means. Users can find out about a dating site through reading about it. Another way is by going to reviews or comments only, especially about members on the premium membership, also, through offline testimonies of users. All these avenues have a long way in determining the acceptance of users.

Practical Ways To Finding Hooking Up In 2023

The major way is to subscribe to the paid services. Members who limit their membership to the free features miss out on the greatest chunk of being members of the gay hookup sites. The reason is that the paid plan is the biggest deal that connects users on a full scale.


How To Stay Safe When Chatting On Free Gay Hookup Site

By maintaining a healthy boundary when it comes to relating personal issues. This is important because some members are online with other interior motives. In a situation whereby such is detected, users need to report or block such a person.

How Do You Text Someone

By subscribing to the paid services. Although on some of the hookup sites, it features on the free features as well


The gay hookup sites have 100% reliability in all aspects. Users can sign up and rest assured of 100% quality of services.