Best Hookup Apps In 2023

Below we have compiled the best dating apps to help you find the perfect match and fulfill all your sexual fantasies! Choose the most suitable dating app in 2023 and enjoy flirting, dating, and dating!

Top Hookup Apps

How Much Do Hookup App Cost

The hookup app does not cost anything. All that users of any hookup site need to do is go to Google or the apple play store, search for the particular app of the best hookup site, download, and install. The hookup app is compatible with devices such as Android, iPhone, Desktop, and others. Using the app aids quick registration and surfing the internet from anywhere around the world without any stress.

What Do Other People Say

I have always longed to go online to find an ideal partner. Not for any other reason but because finding love online makes someone free from all the dramas in real-life dating. On a wonderful morning, I just went to the Apple play store to download the app and finished the remaining registration process. After that, I had the chance to meet many singles on the hookup site.

However, a particular girl caught my attention, and I developed an interest in her immediately! I didn’t waste time sending her messages, she replied, and we talked from that time. Based on my instincts, she is my type of girl because we share the same ideologies about life.

Prosper from Nigeria

I would not have believed it if anyone had told me that I would be one of the lucky ones to get love online. The story is short but amazing. I wanted something uncommon, and I decided to download a hookup dating app online. After that, I registered and became a full member after subscribing to the premium membership.

Not quite long, I was receiving and replying to many messages from members. Although I am a young guy of 32, I wanted love from older women of 40 and above. Exactly what I wanted was delivered in a full package!

Roland from Poland

When my wife died last year, leaving behind three kids, everything in my life came to a halt, yet I didn’t give up. I tried to look for another woman who could be a wife and a mother to my kids. I was told that I could have a suitable partner online.

I decided to try my luck by becoming a member. Not long after, I started sending messages to women within the age range that I desire. Right now, I have seen a lady who’s willing to serve that purpose.

Nath from Sussex

My major aim in joining the hookup site is to have a partner to have flirty chats with without any strings attached. Within a week, my inbox is almost tearing apart from messages from different members. I am catching my fun and enjoying life to the fullest with the hookup site.

  • Benaughty hookup site is a dating site that connects singles from the age of 18 and above for casual sex relationships.
  • IAmNaughty hookup site is for heterosexuals, lesbians, and gays relationships
  • Tinder is based on relationships such as casual sex, flirting, or long-term romance
  • OkCupid is known for connecting adults that are above 60 years for relationships
  • Hinge is a hookup site that matchmakes for serious relationships
  • Grindr is meant for gays singles and the LGBTQ singles who are interested in relationships
  • AdultFriendFinder is unique for connecting singles for casual sex and flirt
  • HER is all about females dating. It accommodates female bisexuals, lesbians, and queer.


benaughty logoIt is a hookup site the seeks to connect adults for hookup partners for casual sexual encounters. It is a dating site is that was established in 2000. Currently, the site controls over 500,000 members from the age range of 18-55.

Also, the number of users who are active weekly is over 120,000. The basic language of communication on the hookup site in English.



iamnaughty logoIAmNaughty is one of the most fantastic hookup sites ever existed. The sum of its members is over 3 million. From the Us only, it controls 500,000 members who are always active and available.

The overall active members are 300,000. According to its gender proportion, female users are 30 %, while men are 70 %.



tinder logoTinder hookup site is dominated by 15 million members globally. Based on its membership strength, it has it is 8,065,200 from the US. The number of active users is in a week is estimated to be 8,000,000.

Men’s percentage is 63% while women’s are 37%. The majority of the hookup site users are between 18-35 years.



okcupidOkCupid was established in 2004 for connecting seniors that are over 60 years for hookup. As an excellent hookup site, it has received an award as a top 10 in the offered services over the years.

The current number of users is calculated to be over 50 million worldwide from the US alone; the hookup site has a number of10,000,000 users with65% males and 35% females.



Hinge logoHinge has 5 million users from all parts of the globe. Right now, it has over 500,000 members who are residents in the USA. Based on the sum up of its daily logins, it is said to be 90,000. The gender proportion is 50% male and 50 % female, who are within users 24-32.



grindr has a record of millions of visitors as well as users globally. Based on the statistics of users, it has over 500,000 logins from the US and weekly active users. At the moment, the percentage of men is higher than that of women. Based on the age of the members, it is between 24-35.



adultfriendfinder logoAdultFriendFinder is the best option when it comes to hookup. Statistically, the number of users is around 5 million, with more than 200,000 active weekly users. It also has 64,000 users from the US and 23% female and 77% male users worldwide.



HER logoHER is a hookup site that is mainly about female dating. The hookup site accommodates lesbians, female bisexuals, as well as queers. Users can be friends without benefits or be in love relationships.

The member’s strength in the US is 1,000,000, with 350,000 weekly active members. The users of this hookup site are highly responsive. The percentage of users is 100% females.



Key Factors To Use Hookup Apps

There are rules that everything about using the apps of the different hookup sites. As an intending user, to get the hookup app downloaded, users need to go to the play store either Apple or Google to download it.

The app works well with devices such as Android, iPhone, as well as Desktop devices. One major thing that makes hookup apps unique is that it aids smooth surfing experience while surfing online. Not only that, but it is faster and reliable.

How To Choose The Hookup App For You

The best way to choose it is by looking for the best one that works well with your device. Since different devices work differently with each app, users need to know the one that is okay for them based on their devices. Also, users need to consider the fastness, smoothness, and easiness of the app before downloading it.

Practical Ways To Find Hooking In 2023

The practical way is by joining any of the hookup sites in this review. The reason is that these hookup sites have been tested and proven worthy. Users only need to go online and download the site’s app or use the mobile version in a situation whereby the hookup site has no hookup app. After completing that phase, they can now sign up and register with their name, age, gender, and email address.

This is followed by uploading a profile picture meant to allow other users to know the person with the profile. However, that is not strong enough to connect with members for relationship reasons. Users need to subscribe to the paid features because that is the major way to get the attention that leads to relationships.


How To Stay Safe When Chatting On The Hookup Sites

It can be achieved by knowing your boundaries with unfamiliar people and supervising the boundaries. This is important because members under the guise of being real and interested in relationships defraud other members. If any of such is popping up, the best thing to do is to report such an account or, better still, get it blocked immediately.

How Do You Text Someone

Member can receive text either through the free or the paid features, depending on how each hookup site lays it out. However, in most cases, it is under the paid features, and members must subscribe before accessing it.


After all, it has been said; users are now open yo varieties of choices in choosing an ideal one based on the type of relationships they want. The hookup sites are 100% capable of everything needed in all services, including customer support.