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great mix of free features, a usable site at no cost, and the ability to branch out and purchase upgraded memberships at value for money

  • Packages: Tinder Gold/Tinder Plus Subscriptions
  • Special Features: Superlike, Boost, Super Boost, Top Picks, Rewind
  • Premium Extras: Everything from finding your first match to sending your first message is included
  • Security & Privacy: the company has taken huge steps to improve the welfare of members whilst on and off the app
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Welcome to the latest, best, and most informative Tinder review you can find online. Attracting such a wide variety of different people, the main talking points about the infamous hookup dating site that’s solely responsible for the swiping craze, and what can you do to enjoy dating success Tinder and join the 55 billion+ matches already made?

With so many different types of people calling Tinder.com their dating home, who can we find on arguably the most loved dating app of the 21st century that has grown in value by over 920% in 5 years? It’ll come as no surprise that people of all shapes and sizes reside on Tinder, from the big and beautiful to the shy and petite; here all the types of people you’ll find using the dating app!

  • Religious People – Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs. Just about any type of religious group can be found on Tinder, disregarding Mormons and Buddhists.
  • Asians – Being the largest race on Earth, it’s hardly surprising that Asians feature so heavily on Tinder.
  • BBW Singles – Big, beautiful women are commonplace on Tinder.
  • Atheists – Most of the younger generation are atheists, particularly generation Z.

Tinder Sign-in/Sign-up

Applying to become a member on Tinder is a welcoming, simple experience that takes no more than a couple of minutes. I found the application process non-intrusive but detailed enough to create a decent dating profile.

Users can choose to sign up in a variety of ways, be that through Apple, a Google Account, or Facebook. Signing up through Facebook enables some basic information such as your name, age, and photos to be transferred to Tinder.

To become a member, the following information is required to proceed:

  • your name;
  • date of birth (18+ only);
  • gender;
  • sexual orientation;
  • university/education (this can be skipped);
  • your passions;
  • real images.

Afterward, you need to enable your location on your device to use your newly created profile. You can then choose whether or not you’d like to receive notifications.

Users generally do not have to wait for photo approval before going live on Tinder. Instead, if Tinder feels like you could be a fake, they will contact you for further mandatory verification.

Tinder offers all new users a walkthrough of the site; I found this super-helpful being a new member. I then found it easy to initiate new conversations on my own.

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Member Structure

As stated above, Tinder attracts a wide demographic of different singles to its platform; they don’t do too well at appealing to members of all age groups. As the majority of competitor dating apps do, Tinder also appeals much more to younger members of society, with a huge portion of their estimated 50,000,000 worldwide members currently being under 40.

  • Tinder currently has 7,000,000+ active membership subscribers around the world.
  • 87% of users are under 45 years old.
  • Tinder has received 400,000,000 app downloads and is available in over 190 countries.

I found that the gender split on Tinder largely favors single women looking for men. Men dominate the member’s pool on Tinder, with nearly 2/3 of all users being men. However, with such a large number of active users, there’s always a very real possibility of men meeting women online here.

  • Male – 63%
  • Female – 37%

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Matchmaking on Tinder

Tinder was the very first dating app to introduce a swiping feature, a feature that has taken the dating world by storm. It seems now nearly all dating apps offer a similar feature. As such, Tinder offers all members the opportunity to find matches in their local area (or within your search preferences).

Matches on Tinder are based on a short user bio, age, location, and user photos, and there’s a strong hookup culture amongst members. While this may seem superficial, there’s a reason Tinder has the largest member base of all dating services.

When I used Tinder to try to find a partner, I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I received a warm response. Upon downloading the app, I cycled through some potential matches. I came back online an hour later to two new matches. I then sent a message to both women expressing my interest, ultimately trying to get the Snapchat username. Within 2 hours of creating my account, I had successfully hit things off with someone new and took the conversation over to snap.

Profile Quality

From what I’ve seen on Tinder, users don’t include a wealth of personal information in their Tinder profiles. Nearly all the profiles I found did include a wide range of images, a short bio usually spanning no more than a sentence, and a link to other social media accounts, predominantly Instagram and Snapchat. Using the site, I’ve never seen anyone link to a Facebook account.

Apart from that, it seems Tinder members don’t include much relevant information about themselves. However, this is hardly surprising with most users looking for casual dating activities.

Tinder App Review

Tinder offers an expertly designed mobile application, available to download from both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Downloading the app is simple and not too time-consuming. Even with my average internet, downloading was a seamlessly quick experience.

The Tinder app features a warm, white and pink color scheme that certainly welcomes new users. The app itself loads perfectly; I struggled to find any issues with links, coding, or the available buttons and functions.

Messaging on the Tinder app is virtually effortless, and new chats can be initiated once a match is made. Matches on the Tinder app are made when you and another user both like each other.

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Design and Usability

Tinder has a very warm, friendly, and easy-to-use dating app which can be grasped immediately upon registration, Tinder welcomes all users with a quick application walkthrough that outlines how to use the app. Everything from finding your first match to sending your first message is included.

A worry about Tinder.com is that when an account is created with an empty profile, Tinder still reports that other users have sent likes. I believe this is done to entice lonely people into purchasing an upgraded membership.

Special Features

  • Superlike – This is a free feature for everyone to use once per day. A superlike is an upgraded “like” that others can see and identify that you’re really interested in them.

Tinder includes numerous additional paid features for members to improve their ability to make connections online. The special features available on Tinder are:

  • Boost – Increase your chances of finding matches. Your profile will be shown at the front of the queue for 30 minutes.
  • Super Boost – During peak times, enabling super-boost increases the likelihood someone will see your Tinder profile 100x.
  • Top Picks – Based on your answers given during your application, Tinder finds people they think you’ll like. You can choose one top pick once a day.
  • Rewind – If you miss a match or skip a Tinder profile accidentally, you can go back with Rewind.

Security and Support

Safety on Tinder is of paramount importance; the company has taken huge steps to improve the welfare of members whilst on and off the app. Recently, Tinder developed Noonlight, which enables people to divulge their location details whilst on a date to keep safe.

When creating an account, users on Tinder aren’t required to verify themselves, so naturally, some fake profiles do make their way to the site. However, these accounts are quickly removed once they’re reported to Tinder’s customer support team.

Costs and Prices

Tinder offers two different potential subscriptions to users, Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold

  • 1 Months Subscription – $14.99
  • 3 Months Subscription – $52.98
  • 12 Months Subscription – $83.04

Tinder Plus

  • 1 Months Subscription – $4.99
  • 3 Months Subscription – $18.00
  • 12 Months Subscription – $27.96

Tinder Cancellation

Canceling a Tinder subscription is an easy process, requiring only a few simple steps.

  • Firstly, sign in to your Tinder.com account.
  • Then, select your profile icon (top left corner of the screen).
  • Choose the Manage Payment Account option.
  • Then, select Cancel Subscription. Afterward, your subscription is canceled, but your membership will last until it was due to conclude.

Tinder subscription

Experts Conclusion

Overall, after using Tinder to search for like-minded partners, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and simplicity of making new connections online from my smartphone. Being an avid iPhone user, I’m more than comfortable navigating my way around my device, but using Tinder was effortlessly simple from start to finish.

Although the majority of the user base is under 45, it’s still possible for older members of society to find people to chat with and date by changing the age range of matches that can be discovered. With the quick switch of a free search filter, an abundance of time filtering out incompatible youngsters is saved.

Tinder is undoubtedly an attractive, immersive hookup dating site, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a firm favorite with singles around the world. Offering a great mix of free features, a usable site at no cost, and the ability to branch out and purchase upgraded memberships at value for money, I would recommend Tinder.com dating app to anyone looking for quick, like-minded, intimate dating connections.


Who owns tinder.com?

Tinder.com is owned by Match Group and has been since its inception back in 2012.

Is Tinder legit?

Yes, Tinder is a legitimate dating service loved by millions of men and women around the world.

How do I prove my identity after my photos were denied?

If your photo uploads are denied by Tinder, there is a super-easy fix. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity. You’re asked to take selfies from your device, upload them, and when they match the pics of you, your account can go live.

Can I block another tinder member?

Yes and no. While we can restrict the people who can contact us, we can’t outright block somebody without finding their profile first. If they’re in your phone contacts, grant tinder permission to view them, then choose “Block Contact.”

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